Ahoy Readers!

Things are moving below the surface here at DRINK WATER! headquarters. Spring is here, and with it comes new growth. I’ve spent the past few months drawing the final pages for the print edition of the book. Title pages, cover art, end pages, apppendix, credits, etc. All are in the process of getting finished now.

Meanwhile, our characters remain stuck in a massive dust storm. Rain, hale, and high winds. The gate road is closed for now, but clear skies are coming. Currently, we’re near the end of Chapter 11, which has been dominated by this storm, but once the sun sets and the storm passes the action will kick into high gear. Wednesday night will be seriously crazy, and the action all starts in Chapter 12. I uploaded episode 240 yesterday, a buffering view from Camp Envy in a dust storm, and updated episode 239 with a higher quality image (a high-resolution scan rather than a photo). There are many more episodes on the way, which we will be moving onto once the artwork for the print edition is complete. Stay tuned!

. . . )'( . . .


Embroidery by Jo Marie, Philadelphia, PA