YAR HAR!! In honor of ‘talk like a pirate day’, it is my great pleasure to announce the release of the debut album and video from Neptune’s brand new undersea heavy metal band, CHUM! Avast ye Scallywags!!!!


CHUM! is an undersea heavy metal project helmed by Lee Eschliman and DC Wilson. The band consists of a diverse collective of deep-sea creatures hell-bent on mining only the heaviest, most chunk-worthy riffs from the darkest depths of the undersea world. These savage ocean predators come together in a feeding frenzy of blood-thirsty chaos, channeling their primal hunger and gruesome savagery into a symphonic kaleidoscope of fish guts and cold-blooded brutality.

From the cold, forgotten depths of the deepest, darkest oceanic trenches, CHUM! rises like an ancient leviathan calling to all undersea predators scattered across the seven seas. These massive beasts rise into the light, following the primal undersea rhythm which flows freely like blood on the aquatic currents of the world.

Featuring performances by Lee Eschliman, Wayne Fidler, Chris Davis-Slade, Jay Caddle, Michael Miller, Ed Kellogg, and Bill Pusey.

15% of all proceeds of the album will be donated to Oceana International, for protection of the world’s oceans and marine environments.

Stream & download the album now!

Bandcamp: https://chumchumchum.bandcamp.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/chumchumchumof…