Ahoy Reader! Happy New Year!

Thanks for following Drink Water! We are just a few weeks away from the end of Book 1. Does that mean our story is done? Hell, no! But it does mean that we’re reaching the end of our first day in Black Rock City.

Once we reach the end of Book 1, we will pause briefly while I spend a few weeks editing and making some slight changes to the script so far. Some pages will come out, other pages will be added in. Look for changes coming to episodes 29, 48, 52, 92, 108, & 126 to name a few. Also, I’m planning to add some additional pages around episodes 17 & 74.    

I’ll post updates with the edits as they happen. Once Book 1 is done and ready to print, we’ll move right into Book 2 which picks up our story on Wednesday morning. And Book 2 is a doozy! Dragons! Thunderdome! Mudwrestling! Breakfast! Plus, the ongoing search for Sparkle Pony!

Thanks again for reading, everybody, and stay tuned! There’s a lot more to come in 2016!

Suckie fuckaye!



Photo by Rick Egan, BRC 2005