Thanks again to everyone who supported the print edition of DRINK WATER! Vol. 1! Final Proof has been approved, and books are off to the printer. Should be here within a few weeks.

The proof process went a bit longer than anticipated, my apologies for the delay. The final proof was approved on 3/14, Pi day! (which seems appropriate for a 360 page book about a circular city). During this process, I adjusted some of the pages for gutter loss, added a protective coating to the holo-chrome cover, and printed both 60# and 70# interior pages to compare.

My expectations on the timeline may have been a bit overly optimistic, but we’re getting close now! Looking forward to getting these out into the world, and going back to drawing Vol. 2! Thanks again to everyone for your support and patience throughout this process, and stay hydrated out there!

. . . )'( . . .